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ideas in ntile blog platform benefits
Nesting navigation
to the page
Creating own structures
Data copying among
the spaces
Platform features
Be ahead,
follow innovations
Scientific blogs
Professional blog
Company blogs
Notifications and comments
Interact with your audience, let them get notified about all relevant info in your blog fast and easily
Subscription to sections and categories
Divide the general content according to the needs of each member from your audience
Adaptive structure
Make the content more comprehensible for your readers, build your own clear blog structure

Access permission system allows several users to work collaboratively in a blog
The content gets indexed properly due to meta-tags configuration, content design and regular sitemap update.
Unlimited number of spaces in one account
Create and manage several channels (blogs) at the same time
Technical expertise not required
You don't have to know the programming languages to make your publications attractive and to get the maximum interaction with your audience
Scheduled publications
Hide the prepared content if necessary. Then easily publish it at the right moment
Get the message to your audience as fast and well as possible on platform
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